Mitch Vingle WVU prediction: Delaware State

Delaware State

If you’re in a hurry today, I’m going to get you on your way in a flash.
This will be no contest. None.
It’s not even Delaware. The Blue Hens, in fact, routed the Hornets 56-14 last season. Delaware State finished a robust 0-11.
And in this season’s MEAC preseason polling? DSU was again predicted to finish last of 11 teams.
In sum, WVU’s Dana Holgorsen will be able to name the final score. If you wish that I throw out a couple names to watch, OK. I’m a sweetheart. So the Hornets have a couple skilled guys in running back Mike Waters and receiver Mason Rutherford, who were named to the second-team all-MEAC preseason squad.
Yet enough of the pleasantries. The Mountaineers will easily win this to move to 3-0.
And one last note. The Hornets finish their season in Tallahassee against Florida State. Oh, the humanity…

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Author: accuhunt

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