Pheasant Shooting: Top Tips

The pheasant shooting season has just started, and always proves to be one of the most popular birds of the season. How to make it even better? Try some of our best pheasant shooting tips!

pheasant shooting

1) Start with lighter ammo

Pheasants are well known for becoming harder to hit clean as the season goes on – so you may as well start off light. We recommend around a 30gm up until Christmas, then swap to a heavier 32gm after that.

2) Take the bird early

With certain other birds, you want to take them as they’re passing you, for the best chance of a hit. With the pheasant, though, unless they’re extremely high – hit them early. If you aim to hit the bird at the 45-65-degree mark, not only are you more likely to hit, but if not, you can get a second go before it passes.

3) Work out where the wind is

It’s best to work out as quickly as possible, even when you first get to your peg, which way the wind is blowing. If there’s a backwind, crosswind or any other type – it can have a huge effect on your shot and the bird’s flight. If you can adjust for the breeze, it will mean you hit far more than you miss.

What’s more, make sure you check again every now and then. Naturally, wind can shift at any time – so it’s best to stay abreast of any movements.

pheasant shooting

4) Keep your feet moving

Pheasant shooting is all about balance – and the biggest influence on your balance during a shoot is your feet. Shift your feet depending on where the birds are coming from, then mount the gun. Finally, shift your weight so it’s on your back foot and then hold it there. Hopefully, by that point, there’ll be a pheasant in your line of sight, giving you the best chance of hitting it.

5) Keep your gun moving

While moving your feet is the most important thing, moving your gun is almost as important. Follow the line of the bird all the way from its tail up through the body before firing. If you stop the gun moving, there’s a good chance you’ll shoot behind it.

6) Get insurance

The best way to ensure you have a good day in the field is getting the peace of mind to relax and shoot better with the knowledge you’re protected.

Whether it’s Public Liability cover up to £10 million, Personal Accident or Equipment Cover, Gunplan’s specialist shooting insurance can protect you during your pheasant shoot. Get your tailored quote today.

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