Schools Pistol Champs Final 17/18

British Shooting hosted the National Finals for the Schools Pistol Championships at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on January 17th, 2018. British Shooting has endeavoured to create a promising future for its talented young pistol shooters by designing an event that makes it possible for athletes to compete at a national level.Championships Ambassadors and GB pistol shooters, Issy Bailey (Rio 2016 Paralympian) and Kristian Callaghan (GB and England Team athlete), came to Stoke Mandeville to support the event and meet young athletes who are inspired by their great achievements.  We would like to congratulate all competitors on their performances at the National Final 2017/18 and wish them all the best for their future in the sport. Furthermore, we would like to thank Stoke Mandeville Stadium for providing the facilities required to host the event and the fantastic team of volunteers who made the National Final happen.Congratulations to all competitors. Medal winners are as listed below. The list of all qualification results is available here.- Junior individual medallists, Seona Scott (Bronze), Darcy Dryden (Silver) and James Caldwell (Gold).- Junior team medal winners, Dyffryn Taf Whitland (Bronze), Leweston School (Silver) and Ellesmere College (Gold). – Intermediate individual medallists, Kiril Voitiukevicous (Bronze), Emilia Faulkner (Silver) and Charlotte Hicks (Gold). – Intermediate team medal winners, Dyffryn Taf Whitland (Bronze), Stranraer Academy (Silver) and Leweston School (Gold). – Senior individual medallists, Harriet Watson (Bronze), Joseph Baker (Silver) and James Miller(Gold). – Senior team medal winners, Ellesmere College (Bronze), St Johns Leatherhead (Silver) and Glyn School (Gold). FULL INDIVIDUAL RESULTSFULL TEAM RESULTSThe GB coaching staff and Project Pistol coordinator Iain Aberdeen were eagerly watching the days competition unfold, observing and supporting current Project Pistol athletes and scouting for new athletes. Find out more about Project Pistol here.British Shooting Talent Pathway Manager, Dean Leak, made a speech during the day, regarding Project Pistol and British Shootings Talent Programme and what it can offer the young athletes.
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Author: accuhunt

Physical Educator and sports coach from 6 years , with degree in sports science and physical education from RLT University in US. Coach of football, skating, hockey and rugby teams. Now working as Sports development officer in Perth city. Contributor of sports training articles to improve sports performance in athletes. Well college football is an place where many inspiring stories surface and touch the heart. It is also a place where the passions of players, desires of coaches and expectations of community meld to form a different atmosphere.

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