GB Trap Shooters Overcome Snow

The first medallists of the British Shooting Shotgun Series 2018 have been decided after a bitterly cold opening event at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground. Building on the success of the British Shooting Grand Final 2017, the Shotgun Series is designed to provide a really exciting and inspirational competition series for all shotgun shooters across the UK, culminating in what will be another fantastic Grand Final event in 2018. The Series consists of three ‘rounds’ which will allow shooters to qualify for the end-of-season Grand Final event. Each round, and the Grand Final itself, will also be the principal domestic events considered by the British Shooting Shotgun Selection Panel for selection for GB teams for major events. With snow, wind and sub zero temperatures hitting the UK over the weekend, it was difficult to see some of the targets, never mind hit them.But Charlotte Hollands and Brad Davies reminded determined throughout and were the gold medal winners in women’s and men’s trap respectively. The silver medal places were won by Kirsty Barr and Nathan Hales, while bronze spots were taken by Georgina Roberts and Mark Shaw. In Junior Men’s Trap, James Dedman took top spot despite having only recently began transitioning from Double Trap to Trap. Welshmen, Lewis Owen and Owen Humphreys took silver and bronze respectively. Lucy Hall won Junior Women’s Trap, with Jessica Hayward winning silver and Maddie Purser winning bronze. Speaking after the event, Charlotte Hollands, who was competing in her first event since having a baby earlier this year, said: “It was really nice to make the final and to come away as the winner was fantastic. "The Shotgun Series is a great event. There’s great prize money and I think it’s also a great incentive for the youngsters coming through to get valuable experience. "Having been away from competitive shooting for a while during my pregnancy and now returning, I can see that there’s just so many more people involved. It’s great to see more people getting into the sport at a high level. "The cold, the wind and the snow have been realty tough. I think I’ve been lucky over the weekend if I’m honest with you because I just haven’t even seen some of the clays, but every time the buzzer didn’t go off to say I’d missed it, I was delighted! Overall Top Six Results: Women1.C Hollands2.K Barr3.G Roberts4.E Seward5.L Hall6.S Niven Men1.B Davis2.N Hales3.M Shaw4.A Heading5.S Scott6.R Gould Junior Men1.J Dedman2.L Owen3.ORJ Humphreys4.R Bowyer5.T Tristram6.P CollJunior Women 1.Lucy Hall2.J Hayward3.M Purser4.R Ferguson5.L Marsden6.E Dickson
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Author: accuhunt

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