Partnerships For Pistol Champs

We at British Shooting are delighted to announce a new partnership with Guntrader for our annual BS Schools Pistol Championships 2018/19, and continued sponsorship by the British Pistol Club.Alexander Andover, Managing Director of Guntrader said: We are all really excited here at Guntrader to be supporting the future generation of shooters through this growing grassroots event. We are hoping to influence other members of the gun trade to get involved and back this fantastic competition.“The Championship aims to open up the world of shooting to the future generation with a welcoming and friendly environment at the regional competitions, where the focus is strongly on participation. These competitions and the National Final are excellent environments for GB, Home Nation and Regional Squad coaches to identify those with natural talent and desire to continue. Offering encouragement and guidance to the young people and the adults with them, the skilled coaches and events team supporting each competition, provide a launch platform onto the pathway to help our future athletes achieve their Olympic or Paralympic dream.  Gorgs Geikie, British Shooting Events and Commercial Coordinator said: The appetite and growth of these championships has been fantastic in the short time since its trial event in 2014. The 2017/18 Championships saw a total of 560 Team & Individual entries from 217 schools across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its Fantastic to see the existing talent in Great Britain which has already emerged, and we look forward to find more hidden gems!With two additional Regional events in the coming 2018/19 Season, we hope to expand and build upon its past success. Engaging Partners and Sponsors to join the BS Schools Pistol Championships journey is welcomed with open arms, as we not only aim to support talented athletes but also the future of our shooting industry.We also welcome the continued sponsorship support from the British Pistol Club, who have seen great benefits from the association with British Shooting and the BS Schools Pistol Championships.Barbara Barber, BPC Chairman, said: Our purpose at the BPC is to encourage the next generation and support the highest standards of pistol shooting in GB.Being a part of the BSSPC has seen the BPC grow in members, enabling us to run a junior competition throughout the year, with cash prizes and bursaries to help expenses. The Championships also provides a great platform for young talented athletes to be identified, talk with GB coaches and Athlete Ambassadors which is great to help whet their appetites for international competition.We at the BPC would thoroughly encourage other sponsors to support the championships due to the opportunity it gives young people to openly participate in sport, and therefore the personal benefits young people gain from the experience. Determination, time management, doing your best, team work and commitment are all core skills required by an employer that being a part of these championships provides.Would you like to support the BS Schools Pistol Championships 2018/19?British Shooting are actively welcoming involvement from interested businesses, groups, organisations and individuals with options ranging from very reasonably priced sponsorship packages at the regional competitions, to the opportunity to be the sole sponsor of an entire event(s). This would be a great way to raise the profile of your business, group or organisation at a local and national level as well as help support the next generation.Please contact Gorgs, BSs Events & Commercial Coordinator for an informal chat on 07900 654627 or are open now, for the regional qualifying rounds, you can find more info by clicking here.
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Author: accuhunt

Physical Educator and sports coach from 6 years , with degree in sports science and physical education from RLT University in US. Coach of football, skating, hockey and rugby teams. Now working as Sports development officer in Perth city. Contributor of sports training articles to improve sports performance in athletes. Well college football is an place where many inspiring stories surface and touch the heart. It is also a place where the passions of players, desires of coaches and expectations of community meld to form a different atmosphere.

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