Heading Leads The World

Aaron Heading is the Worlds Number One Trap shooter.The GB athlete has been shooting since a young teenager, and now, at 30, his ambition of becoming the best shooter in the world in his discipline has come true. According to the ISSF rankings, Aarons gold medal at the last World Cup in Malta, pushed his ranking points up to 1320, meaning he is confirmed as the World Number One. Czech Republics Jiri Liptak is Number Two and Italys Mauro De Fillipis is Number Three. Speaking after it was confirmed by the ISSF, Heading said: As a 13 year old, I said to my mum and dad at home one night… Do you think I can be world number 1?. I remember clearly what they replied… Its not an easy thing to do, as long as you always keep trying and keep going who knows what can happen. Well 17 years later, I am finally able to tick it off my bucket list!.There is a long list of names that I would love to say thank you to.  Firstly my wife Natasha Heading for her dedication and love for me and in what I do. Secondly my mum and dad ( John Heading & Lyn Heading) for all the years they chauffeured me around the country and for always believing in me and still, even today helping me out so I can continue to shoot.James Rose & Mac from Fiocchi for all these years of continued support with my cartridges. Roberto Zarrillo for my amazing DT11 and sponsorship with Beretta & GMK. Gaylia Fallon from Laporte/CPC for the use of trusted traps and clays in order for me to practise tirelessly on.To coach Chris Dean for keeping me in check! (And to Wendy Dean for keeping him in check too). And British shooting, UK Sport and the National Lottery for their support too!Last but not least to my fellow workmates at HM Coast Guard for their support too!Finally a Thank you to Claudio & Teresa Capaldo, who I spent a lot of time with and worked many years with, I feel Claudio who has an abundance of knowledge with shooting is one of the most underrated coaches in the UK. I will always be very thankful to them.
Heading Leads The World published first on https://airriflelab.tumblr.com

Author: accuhunt

Physical Educator and sports coach from 6 years , with degree in sports science and physical education from RLT University in US. Coach of football, skating, hockey and rugby teams. Now working as Sports development officer in Perth city. Contributor of sports training articles to improve sports performance in athletes. Well college football is an place where many inspiring stories surface and touch the heart. It is also a place where the passions of players, desires of coaches and expectations of community meld to form a different atmosphere.

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