Jen McIntosh Announces Retirement

Jennifer McIntosh has announced her retirement from competitive target shooting.She retires on the back of the recent World Championships in Changwon where she won a team bronze medal along with her sister Seonaid and Zoe Bruce.The Scottish athlete began her shooting journey after picking up a rifle at the age of 10, igniting the start of a career that followed in footsteps of her parents Donald and Shirley.At 27 years old, McIntosh has called a day on a career that saw her win bronze at the 2010 World Championships, a European Championships gold in Baku 2017, compete at two Olympic Games and win five Commonwealth Games medals for Scotland making her the most decorated female medal winner in Scottish history. Speaking about her retirement from target shooting after eight years at international level, McIntosh said: I cannot quite believe that this day has finally come, but it is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement. This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make, but was actually taken some time ago and is in no way a reflection on recent performances or results. The circumstances surrounding my retirement are perhaps not what I would have chosen, they are what they are and I am confident that I have made the right call. I have achieved a huge amount over the last 10 year and I am incredibly proud of all I have accomplished, but I would be lying if I said Id achieved all I ever wanted. Im not even sure I managed to accomplish all of what I was capable, nor fulfil the potential I believed I had. But, over time, circumstances change and we have to reconsider what it is we really want from life and if the cost of chasing a dream is truly worth it. For me, the price has become too steep and the rewards no longer high enough in value to warrant paying it. Hard as it may be, it is time to call it a day. Sport will always hold a special place in my heart. It has taught me to enjoy the pursuit of excellence, not just the achievement of it, the important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. Those are values that intended to live the rest of my life by and I am incredibly grateful for having had the opportunity to learn that. When I look back at my career it will not be the medals that I think of but the people I met along the way, the places Ive seen, the friends Ive made. It is those friendships, those shared experiences and those memories we have made together, that I will cherish in the years to come. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my journey Sport Scotland and the team at SIS, STS, UK Sport, British Shooting, Team GB, Team Scotland, my team mates, my support team, the people across the world who have followed my career and cheered me on all the way and of course, my friends and family. Maybe its a clich to say it, but I couldnt have done it without each and every one of you. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.British Shooting would like to congratulate Jennifer McIntosh on a fantastic career in the sport of target shooting and we hope she remains involved in the sport in some capacity going forward.
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Author: accuhunt

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