A Lowdown On The 2019 Glorious Twelfth Shooting Locations

The 2018 shooting season was disappointing for many people,
with low stock levels and cold weather having an impact.

Experts are confident this year will have a more positive outcome,
but it’s still difficult to predict exactly what will happen, and where is best
to shoot.

That’s why we’ve created a guide to the best Glorious
Twelfth shooting locations in 2019. Let’s see what prospects they hold for the 2019
grouse shooting season.

North East Moors

Numbers could be very good over the North East moors, thanks
to the level of grouse left at the end of the 2018 shooting season.

Bollihope in Durham will be among the best grouse shooting
locations in 2019 – it’s considered one of the UK’s best grouse shooting moors.
With grouse levels likely to be high in the area, lots of people will be hoping
to be among the lucky few who receive an invite.

North York Moors

In 2018, the North York Moors had one
of the best shooting seasons ever
, creating over 6,000 extra workdays for
local people.

Therefore, it’s likely to be an appealing location for shooters
aplenty. While the numbers may not be as high as last season, there are still
plenty of opportunities for a successful hunt.

With 11 estates on the North York Moors, demand will be
high. That’s why you should arrange your shoot as soon as possible if you’re
planning on visiting the area.

Peak District

glorious twelfth

If you’re planning a shoot in the Peak District area, Crag
will have the best opportunities. Located within the Peak District National
Park, Crag can have enough grouse numbers to warrant a two-day shoot.

The Crag moors have been a
grouse shooting location for around two hundred years and Crag Hall can be let for
private shoots if you want a full country house experience.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the Peak District will
have one of the poorest prospects in the UK, due to the grouse stock being low
at the end of the season last year. This is especially the case on the higher
moors, which have been quite wet in the lead up to the shooting season.


The Pennines will have some of the best prospects for the
2019 shooting season. The west side of the Pennines and the lower moors may
have slightly lower numbers, but elsewhere your luck might be in.

One of the best shooting locations in the Pennines has to be
East Arkengarthdale, a stunning moor boasting plenty of grouse and impressive
scenery to boot.

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands will be hit and miss again this year,
much like it was in 2018. If you’re planning on visiting the Highlands, the best
option is to target the lower grounds in the Inverness-shire area.

Deeside and Donside will be quite sparse again this season. However,
the Isle of Harris and Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides might have improving
grouse numbers.

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